Prevent attacks and digital content theft

Because attacks and theft damages both brands and revenue


DDoS mitigation

To make sure your DNS and CDN are always running, we implement our scalable reverse-proxy architecture and innovative DDoS identification and mitigation technologies.

Origin cloaking

This feature gives protection from direct-to-origin DDoS attacks by forcing all HTTP/S requests to route through the CDN, thus ensuring that only authorized IP addresses are able to contact origin.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Our, fully CDN integrated Web Application Firewall, protects your Web Applications against attacks and yourself as well as your endusers against data theft of business and personal data.

Protected HTTP data using SSL

We support all types of SSL certificates, including those provided by the client. Our preferred certificates use OCSP stapling and typically outperform all others.

Extensive authentication options

Guard against unauthorized users or websites gaining access to content with token-based authentication.

Protected HTTP streaming video

Protected HTTP Live Streaming (Apple) and Dynamic Streaming (Adobe) encrypt video streams. End-user access is controlled through digital rights management (DRM).

Industry-standard security measures

Our CDNs were designed for resiliency, redundancy and high availability and use security measures that are standard in the industry. IP Anycast is used to implement all of them.

PoP Certifications

Our numerous, global PoP locations are typically SAS70 type 2, SSAE 16 type 1 or 2, or ISO certified. Our platforms are continually monitored for security breaches.

Rules-based delivery

We implement our HTTP rules engine to enable you to precisely define to whom your content is delivered and under what granularity. It can also be used for other security purposes including geo-based or IP-based filtering.


Make sure your website is found

Our IP Anycast-based DNS service ensures that your website will always be found.

Safeguard website and application availability

With our anti-DDoS and origin cloaking functionalities, we make sure your website is always available. With our Web Application Firewall we protect your web applications to be secure and available at any time for your endusers.

Huge capacity to prevent attacks

We have deployed security services across more than 90+ Points of Presence (POPs), over 5 continents and through 3000+ user networks on a platform running at over 17Tbps capacity.

Predictable pricing, trusted brand

The offered security services are backed by long years of experience in operation of a gobal CDN network. Billing is always transparent and based on a monthly cycle.

Online, in-line

Our cloud/edge-based infrastructure gives you the advantage of on-demand scalability without need in additional hardware or software.

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