WEB application firewall

Cloud based application security

Defend against key threats: SQL injection, cross-site scripting and many others


Protection against Layer 7 (application level) attacks

Use the industry-leading ModSecurity engine coupled with powerful Trustwave® SpiderLabs® security rule sets to defend against a wide range of application-level attack methods.

Quickest defense against attacks

Malicious payloads and attack patterns are automatically identified and mitigated. WAF configuration updates are globally propagated within < 5 minutes.

Customizability and flexible

Flexible security rules allow granular control over individual rules and conditions. Control hundreds of settings individually.

Globally distributed infrastructure

The WAF service is integrated into our core CDN software stack for maximum reliability and performance. We have a worldwide network of 90+ PoPs for global scale and reliability. With our massive network capacity we can absorb even the largest volumetric attacks.


We provide support from engineers, not call-center operators – 24 x 7 x 365. Our flexible managed services will be tailored to your organization’s needs. Optionally, we support your security staff according to your individual requirements and level of expertise.


Latest OWASP ModSecurity rule set

Our detection engine is based on ModSecurity. The latest OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set (CRS) protects you against the Top 10 threats and provides generic protection from the unknown vulnerabilities often found in web applications.

Trustwave® Spiderlabs® commercial rules

16,000+ rules and signatures provided by Trustwave® SpiderLabs® complement and integrate OWASP core rules. An IP reputation database automatically protects against known bad actors.

Advanced Security Features

Profit from advanced features such as anomaly scoring, traffic segmentation, API configurations and a powerful Rules Engine. Plus, our WAF is entirely configurable via API access, allowing it to interface with third-party monitoring systems and services.

Built-in protection for common server application software

With automatic “virtual patching” you can shield the vulnerabilities of common enterprise server applications such as Microsoft SharePoint, WordPress, osCommerce, Joomla or Drupal before they are exploited.

HTTP (Layer 7) rate limiting

Limit the number of HTTP requests sent to your website and protect against HTTP flood attacks (GET and POST). Our service offers the ability to control rates on a per-client basis and define rate limits by variables such as IP address, URL, user agent and host name.


Here you will find further information about our Web Application Firewall.

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