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Milliseconds are what can make or break the popularity of your online game. It needs to be lag-free, in real-time and able to handle rich content over a user-friendly storefront. But all that is not enough. It also requires an extensive content delivery network that quickly reaches from server to gamers and back, no matter where they are playing. We are one of the few web hosts able to offer the kind of speed crucial to the game industry. That is because, unlike most CDNs, we already have a secure network in place that spans the entire globe.

Our caching platform delivers static content at incredible speeds, while our Application Delivery Network does the same for dynamic media. So why not take advantage of our gaming delivery solutions and offer your players the best performance available. Strengthen your brand and your bottom line with CDN solutions from Deutsche Telekom ICSS.


  • Ensure full reliability and access for your online games
  • Profit from limitless scalability for a lightning-fast game experience, every time and everywhere
  • Take advantage of efficient global distribution for large game patches and other downloads
  • Quickly deliver a multitude of dynamic game elements

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