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With an ever-increasing number of websites to choose from, users will quickly click away from those that take too long to load. Even search engines give preference to quick-loading sites. Yet data in the form of video, audio, scripts or applications often comes from diverse locations – and end users can be anywhere in the world. Those geographical factors result in delays, as network proximity influences how quickly a site is loaded. Of course there are also other influences, such as sudden spikes in demand during holidays or unforeseen occurrences such as flash crowds – but distance is a major reason why websites load slowly.

With our solutions for Website Acceleration and Media Streaming you will benefit from the advantages of one of the most powerful Content Delivery Solutions available.

Based on our global CDN infrastructure, thousands of servers at all important Internet Exchange points and almost unlimited IP bandwidth in all IP Networks we provide at any time the best online user experience for your endusers.

In combination with our DNS Service, you do not only improve the load time but even more the availability of your website.

In addition, our portfolio includes web application acceleration solutions as well as an automatic website optimization.

Finally we highly recommend our security services protecting against online attacks and data theft.

As result, our customers enjoy highest website performance, the best online video streaming quality and an anytime scaling infrastructure.

In order to keep pace with client expectations, we also understand the necessity to have insights into individual user experiences. To that end, our website acceleration solutions include state-of-the-art analytics.

So do not let slow performance drive users to the competition. Take a look at our web acceleration offerings today.


  • Accelerate the entire content of your entire web site – static or dynamic
  • Provide your pictures, video and audio content in any format at any time
  • Achieve the best performance for your interactive web applications
  • Increase user loyalty and satisfaction
  • Improve the search engine ranking of your website
  • Profit from our almost unlimited and scaling infrastructure

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